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Gyroboard gives effortless mobility

The miniature electric gyroboard is a great vehicle for men, women and even children. It is extremely easy to manage. Forward! Virtually effortless!

Technical features

Gyroboards were created as individual vehicles, so the basic principle of their work is balancing. This means that they are easy and convenient:

  • keep balance;
  • maneuver;
  • adjust the speed.

The vehicle is a small platform mounted on two wheels and equipped with an electronic mechanism. Designed for significant weight, up to 100-130 kg. Self-balancing is carried out using sensitive gyroscopes built in the area directly under the user's feet. The slope level is automatically measured and leveled if necessary.

Gyroboards ride quietly, almost silently.

Models differ in technical characteristics. Pay attention to the degree of overclocking, battery capacity, the level of moisture protection.

Gyroboards are never equipped with additional handles. Weight ranges from 10 to 20 kg. They are compact, eco-friendly and convenient. Transport does not make harmful emissions. That's what you need for people who value their comfort and the environment.

Choose a purchase

Before you purchase a product, you should determine how it will be used. For a children's gyroboard, slightly different characteristics are important than for an adult. It is worth paying attention to:

Overclocking It can reach 20 km per hour. The speed is gained by an electric motor. This parameter significantly affects the price of the gyroboard. It is better for a child to buy a technical vehicle with moderate acceleration. This is important for security.

Battery capacity. Offline travel is possible up to 20 kilometers. For commuting, it is better to buy a gyroboard with a significant power reserve. Modern batteries consume minimal energy, the cost of one charge is low, from 2 hryvnia per one. In order for the battery to last for a long time, it is important to organize proper storage. It should be carried out at a temperature of 10 degrees and above, recharging - at least 1 time in 2-3 months.

Moisture protection. It can be of varying degrees, but even a gyroboard for children with minimally effective coverage is able to function without problems in rainy weather.

Wheel diameter. The more - the better the patency of the vehicle. For a comfortable ride, an 8-inch gyroboard is usually enough, a model with 10-inch wheels and above is practically an all-terrain vehicle.

The weight. Ecotransport sometimes has to be carried in hands, so it is important to choose a model with the optimal weight. Children are trying to buy light compact products.

Plastic quality. The best rider can get into a situation where the vehicle gets scratches and other damage. To avoid frustration, it is better to buy a product from quality materials. The price of a gyroboard made of good plastic is not the lowest, but this is the case when it is better not to save.

Dust protection. If it is good, then the internal mechanism will be safe. This will extend the life of the technical device.

Appearance. This is an important parameter, especially for children and teenagers.

The equipment may have additional equipment that provides useful functions. For example:

Built-in Bluetooth speakers with which you can listen to music. They will brighten up the trip, will not let you get bored.

Applications for a smartphone with which you can control a gyroboard for children from a distance.

Farami. At night, in conditions of minimal street lighting, it is an excellent help. Using the headlights, the gyroboard passenger will be able to see in advance the pits, ritvins and potholes, and will be noticeable to car drivers.

Battery life indicator. It will help to put the device on recharging in time.

Before you buy a cheap gyroboard, think about how big you need a product. Can you fit it in the trunk of a car?

A gyroboard bag will also come in handy. It is not always convenient to carry even a compact vehicle in your hands. There is no question of leaving in unsuitable places. A bag or a special backpack will come in handy here. By removing the gyroboard there, you will become as mobile as possible and free your hands for important tasks.

How much does a gyroboard cost

A small price of a gyroboard in Ukraine is not always bad. In our online store you will find cheap models with excellent technical characteristics, high quality and durable. Low cost is achieved by excluding additional functions, the buyer pays only for the basic package.

The price of a gyroboard also depends on the brand of the manufacturer.

Benefits of buying from us at ProElectro

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