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Gyroboards for children

Gyroboards for children

Electric transport is becoming a popular means of transportation and entertainment for Ukrainian children. On gyroboards they go for walks, to shops and even to school. This is a great gift for a child of any gender, which will become a hobby for a long time.

What is a gyroboard?

Gyroboards are a category of electric vehicles on two wheels, equipped with two electric motors, a gyroscope and electronic controls that control many processes while driving. Gyroboards include gyroscooters, segways, mini-segways, hoverboards. In fact, these are modifications of the same vehicle, in which there are slight design differences, for example, a control knob that resembles a bicycle steering wheel.

It may seem to an adult that such a toy is too dangerous and it will be difficult to learn how to ride it. However, this is not the case, because the developers have taken care of the intuitive control of the gyroboard. The child needs to make a minimum of effort to control the board, since most of the functions are controlled by the processor.

How to choose the right gyroboard for a child

If you decide to buy a gyroboard in Ukraine, then you should pay attention to several technical characteristics, which we list below:

  • Wheel diameter. This element affects the comfort of movement and the permeability of electric vehicles. Wheels in children's models are from 6 to inches. The larger they are, the more comfortable it will be to drive on rough roads. For children aged 6-10 years, a wheel with a diameter of 6-8 inches is suitable.
  • Speed. This parameter is very important, as it affects the safety of the child. Since children still do not know how to control their emotions and love to go wild, there are some speed limits on children's gyroboards. The best option is from 5 to 10 kilometers per hour.
  • Engine. As in any vehicle, the motor performs an important function and affects the speed of the board. For children, do not buy too powerful models. The optimal indicator is motor power up to 600 watts.
  • Battery. The range of an electric vehicle depends on the capacity of the battery. One charge of the children's gyroboard is enough for 10-15 kilometers of driving.
  • Plastic quality. The body of the gyroboard is largely made of plastic. In order for electric vehicles to serve for a long period of time, it is preferable to choose models made of impact-resistant plastic.

We also want to draw your attention to the fact that the gyroboard is equipped with various electronic sensors that are responsible for the operation of engines, a gyroscope and other systems. Therefore, if a child weighs less than 25 kilograms, then the gyroboard simply will not respond to it. Children's models are designed for a child's weight from 45 to 60 kilograms.

Additional gyroboard options

The catalogs of our online store present a variety of models of gyroboards, which differ in price and their parameters. Additional accessories will help expand the standard options from the manufacturer. These include lighting, the presence of speakers, moisture protection, alarm.

In addition, each gyroboard has an individual design and a variety of colors. You can order a gyroboard for your child by phone or through the online form on the website. Our consultants will answer any questions and help you make the right choice.

Children's gyroboards are a great alternative to roller skates, skates and even bicycles. Compact dimensions and light weight allow children to easily carry the vehicle and store it even in small apartments.